Our Service

As a landlord you will undoubtedly take pride in your property and as such you would you’re your tenants to look after it which just as much care.  Our property management service ensures that we act as your agent taking care of your property and your tenants.  Our role is to do the hard work on your behalf, our services range from preparing your property (decorating) for the rental market through to advertising, filling, looking after your tenants, ensuring that regulatory requirements & certification are attained but more importantly we will guarantee your rental payments.  We offer different packages to suit your needs and preferences (Basic, Medium and Premium). Being a landlord presents a range of challenges, we are here to take the stress away.  Your financial security and peace of mind are our priority.

How it works

We effectively become your tenant on an agreed long term let arrangement, we will guarantee you an agreed amount of rent so there will be no voids during the term.  This is facilitated through a “Company Let” agreement, which is both legal and fit for purpose.  We can also set up a “Lease Option Agreement” which can be exercised at the end of the term , this is ideal for landlords who wish to slow down or streamline their investments and we can purchase your property from you at a competitive pre-agreed purchase price.  As we are taking on the financial risk of possible void periods, damage and compliance associated costs; we will bring the property to regulatory standards, fully decorate, furnish and take care of standard admin associated with filling (credit check, referencing etc.)  Our target market within the rental arena are young professionals.

We start paying you your rent as soon as the property is ready to let for both serviced accommodation and single/shared accommodation.  For shared accommodation, we then rent the rooms on individual “Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs)” and take care of everything.  As a landlord, you will only ever have to deal with us and will not have any direct contact with tenants or manage any of the related administration to ensure that tenants have a comfortable and home/stay.  Tweenydale Park Lets Ltd will therefore:

  • look after your property for periods in the range of 2-3 years as per our contractual agreement
  • guarantee your rental income
  • take care of general maintenance and regulatory compliance requirements and

purchase your property from you on expiration of our contract only if you wish to streamline

Why choose TPL Ltd?


Clearly defined processes and an organised business structure ensuring that our delivery is professional and timely. Limiting touch points is crucial to our operations, what takes five steps for other companies to do; we do in two.


Our clients are at the heart of what we do. We are an inclusive organisation that ensures that we prioritise our client needs. Our staff are committed to lifelong learning to ensure delivery of a cutting edge service.


We are a solutions focussed progressive business. We pride ourselves in our innovative and flexibles approach to problem solving.

Global Citizenship

We are a compliant and values driven business that operates in an ethical manner. We care about the environment and actively demonstrate empathy towards differences. We are a local business with a global outlook and pride ourselves in our social awareness.


We offer a range of management packages to suit a variety of needs and preferences.   We understand that every landlord and indeed every property is different therefore our packages allow you to select what services you require from a wide range.  We offer three packages namely the Tenant Find, Let Only and the Managed Let services.

If you are the kind of landlord who prefers to hands on approach to managing your property, we can support you with finding the right tenants for your property.  With the Tenant Find service, we will offer our advice around the state of your property, suggest a rental value and how you can maximise rental yield, market your property, conduct viewings and forward offers for you to confirm.  As soon as you receive a deposit on the property, we will remove online adverts as well as taking down any advertising boards at the property if one was erected.

If you are the kind of landlord who is happy to manage their property on a day to day basis but would like us to find suitable tenants and do all the pre-rental checks, this package would suit you.  The Let Only package includes everything covered on the “Tenant Find “package and in addition to this we will process all the administrative work such as conducting credit checks, collect & appraise references and drafting tenancy agreements.  Please note that we will only begin the referencing process once we have taken a holding deposit from the tenants (capped at one week’s rent). During the term of the tenancy, we will collect rent on your behalf and also field any maintenance and general enquiries.  We will send fully signed contracts and referencing information ahead of your tenants’ moving in date.

Whether you wish to slow down, or you have a growing portfolio, if you would prefer a hands off approach then this is the right package for you.  All the services from the Basic and Medium packages are included. In addition, the Premium package ensures a totally hands off approach by including further services such as dealing with routine repairs, dealing with routine maintenance, safety checks and most importantly this is the only service that offers a rent guarantee scheme.  All you will need to do is sign an agreement with us and sit back with complete peace of mind.

Services Tenant Find (Basic) Let Only (Medium) Comprehensive Let (Premium)



Screening tenants and tenant enquiries

Arranging viewings

Right to rent checks

Tenant referencing and credit checks




Deposit protection


Producing inventory report


Tenant enquiries


Maintenance enquiries


Collecting rent


Check out


Routine repairs and maintenance costs



Guaranteed rent



Safety checks (Annual gas safety certificates and PAT test certificates)



Fortnightly cleaning service (communal areas)




£300 +VAT (one off cost for up to 5 tenants)
10% +VAT per month


We take on all types of properties including flats and houses of any size.  Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out further about the suitability of your property.

If necessary, we will carry out a light refurbishment and decorating at our own cost to bring the property up to our customer’s standards. Where significant work is required to bring the property to a good standard, these costs will usually fall on the landlord.

If the landlord cannot cover the significant refurbishment costs, then we can arrange alternative terms to cover the relevant costs as part of the agreement. The costs can be an extra deduction from your rental income for a set period or other appropriate fees can be agreed as part of the contract.

We will set up a monthly standing order direct to your bank account for the agreed rent, which will be paid each month at the same time for the duration of the contract.

Our tenants are usually young professionals. We however have an inclusive approach to our tenant selection. In the case of shared accommodation, we prioritise ensuring that we select likeminded individuals.

We are responsible for routine maintenance of the property. For shared accommodation this includes a cleaning service for communal areas and a gardener also regularly attends to the outside of the properties. As the landlord, you will still be responsible for any major maintenance issues such as boiler or roof repairs.

We will cover the cost to get it fixed immediately after which we will charge our tenants. An initial deposit is taken from our tenants that is held in a Deposit Protection Scheme as further cover for any damage done.

Under the Basic package, it is for the landlord to remedy these situations directly with the tenant.  Under the premium package, we will facilitate collection of the rent, but the landlord will ultimately be reliable for any missed rentals.  Under the premium package, late or missed rental payments are our responsibility (rent guarantee). The landlord will receive the agreed rent every month for the duration of the contract.

We require a six month notice period from the landlord in order to end the contract. The six month period also applies if we should wish to end the contract with the landlord. The six month period allows our tenants sufficient time for them to find a new home.